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Sketch of Concert Hall June 22, 2008

Posted by Sun Ran in 2D Works.
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It\'s not very completed...

This was done so that I could do the oil painting, but my oil painting isn’t very optimistic, I think I’m videoing instead.

So it’s a bit lop-sided and incomplete.



1. Zi Yan - July 12, 2008

I like this! Well I like the Harp and the Trumpet too, but this looks good and yay we’re performing there in, what, 23 days O: Haha, very nice, and did you oil paint it in the end?

2. missingapple - July 12, 2008

This is not Esplanade for goodness sake Zi Yan! I doubt you’ll see my reply though 😀 Don’t worry about being the only one commenting, because I didn’t really tell anyone the existance of this portfolio except my aep classmates, and they won’t visit haha(:

3. Zi Yan - July 13, 2008

HUH THIS IS NOT ESPLANADE?! WHere is it then?!? Does it even exist? Haha, some random photo you found from Google? It sure looks nice anyway ;D

4. missingapple - July 14, 2008

It’s King Albert’s Hall in London! You should go and visit, the atmosphere’s great from all the other photos (: Please, how can you not know its NOT Esplanade; you haven’t been to esplanade?

5. Zi Yan - September 19, 2008

Hahhaa, I have no idea… I really did think it’s esplanade! D: =/ D: O: 😦 Hah.

6. Sun Ran - September 19, 2008

Oooohh but now you have been to esplanade (and been disappointed that the seats are green) so you ought to know it isn’t Esplanade…

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