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My Pets in Watercolour September 17, 2008

Posted by Sun Ran in 2D Works, Writings.
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The one at the top right is my poor hamster Snowie (that’s not the real name anyway), here is how she died:

One fine Sunday morning I was feeling hungry so I cooked a bowl of maggie mee. It was spicy flavoured, hot and steamy and I have to wait for it to cool before I eat it. So I picked Snowie from her cage and put her on my hand and started feeding her sunflower seeds while waiting for the noodles to cool. And my hand was pretty near the bowl of hot noodles, in fact right on top of it.

Snowie sniffed around and jumped right into the bowl of hot noodles, thinking “hmm,… it must be tasty…” and of course that must have been the last thing she ate. (This sounds so sadistic.)

And of course I tried to save her (I am not heartless) so I quickly picked her out of the noodles (and scalded my hand too) and ran her under the cool water tap (even though her most hated hobby is bathing) but she was cooked and burnt and passed away shortly after.

And I buried her under a very young coconut tree/sprout (in a box coffin lined with white tissue and her favourite food – peanuts and sunflower seeds) under my block. Here’s what happened, the coconut tree started dying soon after I buried Snowie underneath. And it died shortly after too… while the rest of the coconut sprouts planted with it are now big coconut trees.

Oh yes, that was 6 years ago -.-”


And the one on the bottom right, which you can only see the head, is Xiao Bai (she looks just like Snowie) and someone gave her to me. More like abandoned. Xiao Bai gave birth to a litter of pups (baby hamsters) and the ex-owner decided to keep 2 of the young hamsters instead and gave her away to me, together with her other hamster baby which no one else wanted. I gave the other hamster baby (called Robin) to my classmate.

And that was 4 years ago.


The big big big pet on the left is my guinea pig Miao Miao! Her initial name wasn’t that, but one day (in year 2006 end) she was sick, so Hanqing and I took her to the vet. And the guinea pig’s name was asked for, and we didn’t know what to put. And the brilliant idea came – name it Miao Miao, after Miao Hanqing, and that’s how Miao Miao’s name came about.

Miao Miao still lives happily and healthily in my house now, with the other guinea pig, Fatball. (:


Sorry if the whole story above has nothing to do with art at all. But I’ll put this post under writings, I wrote a lot ^^