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Class Noticeboard September 19, 2008

Posted by Sun Ran in Designs.
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Been wanting to post this for a long time… but I lost those photos I took around chinese new year and kept forgetting to bring camera/upload etc.

So this is what Rachel and I designed for classroom noticeboard and Chinese New Year. Basicially all the boards are connected together with black borders much like roads, so it’s like a rat race in that way. Colours are bright.

I made the collage in the first/second picture (of a rat) using magazine pages. It used to have this long long long nice tail made of magazine rings (the school wanted us to recycle) but it kept falling off a few months later after it was put up so it was removed (so it became tail-less). Then we also tried to add in some chinese effect for CNY so 405 is written in chinese 😀 Quite nice calligraphy right?